My Kitchen

Here is my kitchen! For three years I tried to redefine this one by having it custom made by our woodworker. I spent a lot to complete this set where I will be holding my weekly kitchen tutorial for all of you guys!

Here have peak of my kitchen!



Why Kitchens Should Be Clean

Kitchen should always be cleaned every time. Food preparation in the kitchen should be well-maintained as we all know our loved ones are the one who will eat the food we prepare so we better keep our hands and utensils clean when cooking in the kitchen. If not, there are a lot of disease and germs that lurks in the kitchen which can affect the health of our kids.

Last year, I was amazed when I visited my good friend Dave Jenkins house. We love how he cleans his kitchen of course with the help of his family members. If you do not know, Dave is a nice man with a high career in real estate especially in Vancouver.

So, here’s a few reasons:

  1. Prevents in born illnesses that might affect your kids
  2. Lengthens the lives of your appliances
  3. Saves up on harmful chemicals
  4. Save energy
  5. welcome guests without being so embarrassed.

If you need major cleaning up, there are a lot of business websites you can choose from which gives services on general cleaning and even removal of insects and other pests.