Birthday Gifts for Myspace

Myspace offers self-service advertising options that can be utilized by members of this social networking website. While businesses advertise products, you can use this service to create fun birthday gifts for Myspace friends. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. This gift idea does not have any sales goals and is similar to advertising messages on a blimp or screens at sporting events. However, you can still tie this into a larger birthday gift idea by linking to the recipient’s wish list.
Visitors can chip in to purchase a big ticket item or select small items to give your Myspace friends. Design an advertisement that displays birthday greetings. Get the recipient to make a list of gifts he or she wants for the upcoming birthday. Attach a link to one store that sells the requested merchandise online with your birthday advertisement.  I know some guys in Canadian web hosting who can help you.

Set your demographics to target the recipient when developing this Myspace Ads campaign. Invite other Myspace friends to check out your ads on the recipient’s birthday. This is one of the Birthday Gifts for Myspace that can be more memorable than a standard “Happy Birthday” profile comment.

Cafepress Myspace T-Shirts
There are dozens of funny Myspace T-Shirts available on the Cafepress website. They are inexpensive and make great Birthday Gifts for Myspace friends who love this social networking website. Get the shirt size of your intended birthday recipient and order one of the pre-designed Myspace T-Shirts from Cafepress. Many of these shirts only feature text while others have a combination of phrases and graphics. Some of the designs include “You Looked Better on Myspace”, “I Love Myspace” with hearts, “I want to be your Myspace friend with benefits” and “Don’t Drink and Myspace”. A lot of Cafepress Myspace T-Shirts cost between $17.99 and $24.99.

Customized Myspace Layout
Get your friends a customized layout that he or she can use at any time. There are tons of websites that provide free layouts and graphics but nothing is truly different. Ten or twenty other people could be using the same free layout that you and your friends choose. That is why exclusive customized layouts make useful Birthday gifts for Myspace friends. A web designer can design a custom layout that is made specifically to the recipient’s liking. The price for this type of service ranges from $80 to $500.

Support Myspace Friend Stores
One of the best Birthday Gifts for Myspace friends come in the form of mere support. If the recipient has store widgets or sells downloads on Myspace, purchase a product from them. This would be appreciated by Myspace members who are trying to promote their businesses or artwork online. You could also gather a few other people to purchase items from your friend’s page on their birthday. Many small business owners, musicians, craft artists and filmmakers would appreciate this gift on their birthday.

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