Door Curtain Styles and Designs


Door curtains are a unique accessory for the home that is commonly overlooked in terms of the potential they bring to the overall theme of the space. Additionally, they provide a functionality that is nearly as important as traditional window curtains depending on where they are incorporated.
Common Door Curtain Functionality and Styling
Door curtains can be used for a number of different things. However, among the variety of different ways to utilize these accessories, they tend to be used most dominantly one of two ways.

Coverings for Windows on Doors
The first and the most popular way in which they are utilized is one a set of doors, such as French doors that have glass on them. These types of door curtains tend to exhibit voile fabric, in that they are extremely light and allow sunlight to penetrate the fabric, allowing a soft blend of ambiance and warmth into space. The main reason why these types of door curtains are primarily made of a light fabric is due to the fact that doors to an outside area tend to see a lot of traffic, as such, heavier curtains are more susceptible to falling off their supports and or complicating the opening and closing of the door in general.

In Place of Doors
A second and equally popular use for door curtain designs are in the place of doors themselves. These types of curtains provide a temporary means to obtain some privacy for your space if a door is not something that is attainable at the time. However, many people utilize door curtains as a permanent way to separate their space from the rest of the home, and prefer them over doors. These types of door curtains generally come in a wider array of fabrics than do the curtains used for door windows. As such, there are more designs and fabrics to choose from for a little more customizing and styling for the space in which they are incorporated.

In all, these unique and highly functional accessories do not have the popularity their window covering counterparts do. However, they are slowly beginning to gain in popularity, and are exceptionally popular during the holiday seasons, particularly for Halloween. They provide an interesting styling element to the home and can be a fun alternative to the traditional door. This reminds me of my recent purchase, a set of wooden dinnerware which really served as a very nice piece in my dining table. I think investing in a nice piece in every place of your house will give a nice touch.


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