How to Set Up PC Sound and Configure Computer Speakers

Configuring your computer sound and PC speakers can help you enjoy better function out of your existing sound card. Speakers that are configured incorrectly may have uneven sound or lack stereo or surround-sound audio capabilities and supreme immersive sound. You can set up your own PC speakers easily using the configuration software you already have in the setup utilities on your computer.
Computer sound and PC speakers are easy to set up on your own if you know what kind of computer home theater layout you have on your sound card. Common speaker layouts for computer sound cards include stereo, surround sound, 5.1, and 7.1. If you don’t know what you have, the sound card configuration software will show you some speaker layout configurations to help you determine which one you have. When setting up computer speaker configurations in a place with high traffic or limited space, wireless surround sound speakers can help you get the most out of your PC home theater setup.

Step 1

Shut your computer down and remove it from its source of power. Plug your PC speakers in to the color-corresponding holes on the computer sound card access panel, often located on the back of your home computer. If necessary, connect the audio speakers to their own power and turn them on.

Step 2

Plug your computer back in and boot it up. Access the sound card configuration panel in your operating system, usually located in the System Preferences or Control Panel menu.

Step 3

Locate the audio speaker settings menu, usually indicated by a button or tab, but sometimes in the main menu. Select a speaker layout, which affects the positioning of the speakers in your home theater system.

Step 4

Use the audio and speaker test function on your sound configuration panel to test your surround sound speakers installation and determine whether your speakers are working and properly placed in the chosen speaker layout. If the volume or speaker balance is uneven, use the volume controls in your speaker configuration menu to manually even volumes.

If you use a PC for your home theater speakers, these simple steps will help enable sound and improve your speaker performance.

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