Productivity Tips for Helium Writers


Productivity is a major issue for writers and having the ability to increase writing production has important benefits for writers. Productivity is simply the ability to produce work. In this case, articles on the Helium site. Increasing writing productivity can increase the amount of articles posted, the amount of money earned in a given period and the level of connection received from the Helium site.
Being able to produce more writing allows Helium writers to share their knowledge and their perspective with the world. The higher the productivity level, the greater the impact a writer can have on the Helium site. There are a number of ways that Helium writers can increase their ability to produce articles.

Schedule dedicated time to write
Many Helium writers are working full time at other jobs and writing is either part time or just to earn a little extra money. Writers need to create some dedicated time for nothing but writing. The important thing to remember is that having a dedicated time for writing is to keep it dedicated to nothing but writing. Use a personalised diary to have your mind organized in everything you need to do.

The following are just a few areas to keep in mind when planning a dedicated writing time.
1. Brainstorming
Brainstorming or mind mapping is the process in which a writer develops a series of new ideas for article topics.

2. Outlining
Creating a series of outlines can assist the writer in developing higher quality work and do so at a faster rate.

3. Writing and editing
Writing the actual article is often the most time consuming aspect in the process. The writer develops the thoughts and ideas already complied into the introduction, body and conclusion of the article. Also remember to include any time used to edit the finished work.

4. Posting
Figuring the posting time is often the easiest aspect of the time invested in the writing process. Posting articles usually only takes a few minutes and is done rather rapidly.

Be prepared
Writers need to not only have a dedicated writing time but they need to be prepared for the time. Being prepared means that ideas are ready, outlines are in place and a location is prepared for the work of writing. Being prepared for the work of writing can dramatically increase the level of productivity. Preparation almost always pays off in more output and a higher number of articles produced.

Be focused
One problem that many writers must deal with is the reality of distractions. When writing there are a number of ways that distractions can enter in and create a loss of focus. Developing the ability to stay on task and remain focused allows the writers to increase their level of creativity.

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