Web Design 101

Are you interested in creating a website for personal or business use? Creating a website yourself can seem overwhelming or difficult, but after reading Web Design 101 you may find you can do it yourself and actually have fun doing it. Before you can start building a website you need to determine the purpose. Are you building a site for personal use or business use? Determining your purpose will allow you to proceed effectively and make choices about your site and eventually make use of top digital marketing strategies.
Once you have determined the purpose you want to move onto “brainstorming” your site. Take the time to sit down and think out your site. Make a list of information you want to include on your site to start, you can always add more later on and continue to update it once you website is up and running. Organize and layout the information you plan to have on your website according to pages, this will also help you determine how many pages your website will have.

You have your purpose decided and your information laid out, now what? Decide what you want your site to look like. Have you thought about themes, colors, and graphics? If you have a vision of how you would like your site to look sketch it out or write down details of the look you are working towards. If you are unsure that is okay, many hosting sites offer templates for you to choose from. If you have a vision which does not look the way you want once you design it do not worry, adjusting and changing to achieve the look you want is what web design is all about!

You have determined your purpose, you have an information layout, and a design layout now you can get started learning the steps to get all this live on the web!

The Basics

There are some basics which everyone needs to know and understand before they can produce a web site.

1. Domain – A domain is a unique address on the web

2. Registering your Domain – You must register your domain in order for you web address to be official. Registering your domain will cost a little bit of money, prices range from about $3.00 to $30.00 per year.

3. Picking a “Host” – A host is company which provides the service of renting server space in order to get your website on the web.

You know have the basic concepts of how to get your website onto the web. You can now start building and designing your pages!


The easiest way to design and build a website is to use templates. Many hosting companies offer site builders and/or templates which can be used to create your pages. Another fairly easy way to design a website would be to use a program such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Programs like these are pretty easy to use but will most likely cost money to purchase.

*More complex ways of designing your pages and website would be by using HTML to hand code in Notepad. There are many websites out there that can teach you the basics of HTML but you may be limited in what you can produce based on your knowledge of HTML coding.

You should choose a color scheme and layout that will be consistent throughout your site to make it look appealing, easy to read, and professional. Next decide where you want your navigation bar. You can now start adding your text and graphics to each page.

Once you build and design each of your pages you will then link them together with links to one another. Site builders and design programs will help you do this with instructions.

You are now ready to publish your site!







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