Marriage and babies

Gone are the days when clothes, shoes, and night outs consume your paycheck. You don’t look forward to Fridays and Saturdays in bars and get yourself drunk till the wee hours. You no longer go crazy over the release of a new gadget or the tickets for an international pop star’s concert.

Now, you see yourself waiting for the clock to hit five so you can rush your way home to see your baby’s angelic eyes. You no longer shop just for yourself but you consider your child as your priority on buying things. A known brand’s new collection does not excite you anymore like how you read online articles about choosing the right diapers, or watching Youtube tutorials on how to do swaddling. Gone are the days when your best man speech say your husbands the best person in the world. For you, the babies are now the most special, important people.

You now live your life not for yourself alone, but for someone who is a now a large part of you. Say hello to embracing motherhood for the first time. They say being a mother takes 360 degrees turn on your life. And you’ll never know the feeling once you became one. Take these tales and tips from first time mothers. Angelica Pauline Rosales, or Pau, recalls how she had ‘gone crazy’ after discovering that she is expecting. “I was scared and happy. I literally gone crazy that night, I was laughing and crying at the same time!” She had to give up her job so she could relax and rest, especially during her first trimester when she felt nauseous all the time.  But she never regretted her decision as she claims that she had beautiful memories while expecting her baby.

“One of it was when we go to my doctor’s appointment to check my baby’s heartbeat and health. I feel the happiest when I am sure that my baby is healthy and okay.” For call center agent and part time student Adderli Capistrano, learning that she and her boyfriend Jayson (now husband) will be soon to parents made them excited as they have been planning it for quite some time. “I’m six weeks pregnant when me and my husband find it out. In our case, we were both excited and happy because we really want to have one even if we’re not yet married that time,” she says. But since Adderli was still studying, she has to stop from schooling to give way for her pregnancy. Dealing with changes is inevitable. Especially when you are taking care of a baby. The 24-year-old mother recalls how she went from being carefree to now being mindful of the things she buys. She says, “Before I’m so carefree with the things that I buy, but now when I want something my mind goes ‘oh wait do I really need it or I just want to have it?’” But one of the biggest changes is the change of life’s perspectives.  For Pau, going with the flow is the key to not have the first-time jitters of being a mother. She enjoys motherhood as if it was the most natural thing that ever happened to her.