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“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in a moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” Yes, your correct, this is a quoted line from the rap song of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” which was released in 2002 with his rap album entitled 8 Mile.

I definitely love that song, not just because I’m a fan of him but because of the song’s content, the song talks about chances, an opportunity to be on top, to get what you want in a single shot that you might lost if you do not have the guts to take it.

Well, my article this time will talk about chances – second chances specifically. And since that love is in the air because it is Valentine’s Day, we will talk about love songs instead of pure rap song.

These love songs that I will share to you are an expression of love at the second time around (between lovers). I just want to ask of what you will do if you see your former lover, will you try to talk to him / her and manage to be connected again. Or what if your former lover is knocking at your door once again and begging for forgiveness

My dear reader, I hope that you give this person a second chance because I think that nothing will be lose if you try. And I think that it is sorrowful if you push love away when it is coming to you. So and for the meantime, let’s check these three songs that I prepare for you, and let’s see the magic of love through a second chance.

Maybe This Time – by Michael Martin Murphy. A song that was released in 1983 with the song album entitled; The Heart Never Lies by Murphy. This song talks about two friends who meet each other again after a long time. These two friends have their especial feelings for each other before but they did not manage to make it deeper because they were too immature before. But nothing has change as they see each other again. Their love for each other is much stronger now as it was described on the lyrics of the song. Time has been a part for these to lovers to love each other as they have now the luxury to do it because of their maturity.

Do you have the same situation just like in this song? Well if you have, I guess you too should take the opportunity. Who knows that if this person that you had loved before might still love you? You will only know it when you take the risk and put an effort to grab that love again.

(Becase) I Still Say Yes to You Again – This song was released by The Braxtons (a group

of five female singers) in 1996 with the song album entitled: So Many Ways. A few years ago, it was revived and popularized by local band; U-Turn. The song talks about reviving a relationship between two lovers, the female lover here (in this song) has swear to accept and love her man again to give him a second chance to their relationship that had drift away before.

Some of us are having a hard time to open our heart to the one who had hurt as before, while on the other hand, some of us are willing to give an another try to the person we love before. It’s an option we have to choose. I just you hope that the choice that you will make will come from your heart and not on your mind; either you will choose to love someone new or you will choose to love again the person you loved before.

Cold Summer Nights – This song was also popularized by Arnie Hidalgo, but what I love most is the version of late “Master Rapper” – Francis Magalona – which goes in a pop rap rhythm. Oh how I really like this song, because I also have the same situation before, which I found myself being guilty that I somehow hurt her – please do not ask anymore whom I talking about. Well this song talks about a lover who felt sorry about the things that he / she had done to his / her love one. This lover is asking for forgiveness and wants to see and hold his / her lover once again. This song also talks about (the hardship of) missing someone and begging for a second chance to prove how much he need her in his life. My friend, who is an expert in ranking hostingów, once did a mistake that she has been regretting up until now. And for me, this song is very perfect for her.

In case you are in this situation; I encourage you to be brave. It is not a lost if you are willing to put aside your pride and say to your love one that you are sorry for what you have done. Do not be afraid to go to him / her and ask for another chance. Nothing will lose from you if you try.

I hope that you enjoy this song recap that I presented. May be these insights and little thoughts that I gave to you might help you to cherish the relationship you have (or you will have) with your special someone.

I have to go for a meantime and leave you with this word: love is good in the first time, but it is better and sweet for the second time around.

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