“Give your calories one last dance.”

Today, more people focus on staying fit rather than to stay unhealthy because they believe that this will help them to lengthen their lives. They tend to seek ways on how to achieve healthy lifestyle to make their body and mind physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

Zumba is one of the most popular exercise fitness program in the world which it aims to bring fitness that helps people to burn their calories in just single dance. It’s a mixture of Latin and international music with dance moves which will add up to people the excitement and groove they may have while dancing the Zumba.

Here, there is an organization that aims to provide programs and services to help improve individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

the group I am belonged to was established in March 2014. They started building this organization because there were companies asking them if they had an official way of sharing the wellness expertise they were providing because there were a lot of companies looking for effective wellness programs for their employees.

The name Welness and Fitness means that the group wants people to access wellness education. The “x” in the name stands for the Cross and the number 4 between the words axcess and life is the four aspects of life. These are the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The group offer holistic wellness programs in partnership  with The Lifestyle Medicine program is the new way of healthy-living program for persons with diabetes and wants to reverse it or to those who do not have it yet want to take preventive measures so they will not have diabetes.

It will help prevent not only diabetes but other lifestyle diseases as well such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and more. The program will be using simple, easy and practical strategies that will effectively lower the participant’s cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, uric acid, and blood sugar. It will also lower down blood pressure, excess body weight, visceral and subcutaneous fat.

They also underscored the need for a more active lifestyle, like biking or doing cycling sports. For his part, he says that he is documenting his cycling adventures and fitness inspirational videos thru his dashcam which he relies on. Before doing this, he has has it tested for dashcam test and he is not complaining anything about it.

“We were always invited to various events to conduct wellness programs so we created Axcess4Life as a vehicle to deliver those programs,” he said.

It does not only focus on promoting healthy lifestyle like conducting Zumba where they have 400 people who join their Zumba classes every year, but they also provide Christian talks to make people be able to know God’s purpose in individual’s life. Moreover, they offer free wellness lifestyle seminars to less fortunate. Other than encouraging people to have healthy lifestyle, the organization also emphasizes the importance of their Christian cause. They aim to share God’s love by empowering individuals to realize their true identity in Christ and by sharing principles that allow them to grow and reach their full potential.


Need help on internet issues


I am tired of dealing with my internet provider. In the past few months, I have been experiencing internet issues and I am tired dealing with it.

Sometimes, I unplug my internet router and then turn it on again only to find out my internet is completely broken. I usually call its customer service but it just let me wait for minutes without giving me an concrete solutions about it.

It says they will deliver a technician last week and up to now, I have not seen any one fixing my internet service here at home. I badly need a strong internet for my business and my work but things are getting out of hand already I need to replace it with something new. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe before I decide on setting up a new, I need to have wlan access point test first to see if they are really working. I have already talked to a new agent who will provide me with new internet service though I am still quite picky this time. I do not want to waste my time, effort, and money once again.

Gift for photographers

I am thinking of what to give as a gift for my photographer friend. He will turn 28 next month and i know he will be delighted if I will give him something he could use for his work. He is a professional photographer whose works have appeared in different magazines. He usually takes photos of hotels, food, and other venues. He also does travel photography when he is offered a service. I am thinking of giving him a 360 grad kamera though I am not sure if he needs it. I know he has tons of cameras and lenses already but I think he still need more photography tools to equip him in his work. i think he needs to check out what is the best 360 camera so he can improve more.

We have been friends for almost ten years now and we started out friendship when we were in college so he is really close to my heart. Do you know what other tools he thinks? How about a photography bag? Or some lenses? Or some filter? Hmmm. Please let me know your suggestions if you have. Thanks in advance!